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 Greenhouse Manufacturers

Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are so many garden greenhouse manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. Which manufacturer is best for your requirements and should you buy direct or go through a general greenhouse supplier? The decision is almost impossible without researching the market in depth.

At GardenAction we have reviewed the manufacturers and we describe the greenhouse types they specialise in, give their website address, and some background information to help you in your choice. In addition we give the website addresses of a couple of suppliers.


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Greenhouse Size and Use
Greenhouse Manufacturers

Your first step in choosing a green house is to select the features you want and can afford. Click on any of the GardenAction links above for more information on various aspects of selecting a greenhouse.

Next it's time to review which greenhouse manufacturer will provide you with the greenhouse you want. To help you we list below all the green house manufacturers we have reviewed. Just click on any line to go to our review of that manufacturer / supplier.

We have rated each manufacturer out of 5 stars (five being the best, 1 the worst). This is our subjective rating and the comments we make on each manufacturer need to be read in order to find out why we have rated them.

HALLS - our rating is

ALTON - our rating is

TWO WESTS & ELLIOTT - our rating is

FAWT - our rating is

ROBINSONS - our rating is

ELITE - our rating is

VITAVIA - our rating is

More sites and manufacturers will be reviewed over the next few weeks.

Name: R.linford
E-mail: Private
Date posted: October 07, 2011 - 02:54 am
Message: I need a greenhouse metal base 6x10 I live near maidstone do you know where I might get one thanks

Name: Robert Stocks
Date posted: October 05, 2010 - 08:47 am
Message: Hello
I want to replace the roof on my glass greenhouse. I would like to use polycarbonate sheets and aluminium glazing bars in place of my glass.

Can you supply these materials for DIY use. If not could you advise me of a company who could.

Best regards

Name: Alireza Yazdanpanah
Date posted: September 20, 2010 - 11:53 pm
Message: Dear sirs
My name is Alireza yazdanpanah.I am an agriculture researcher.I am searching for some informations aboute greenhouses building like the best hight,foundations,coverings and so on.would you please help me.