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This page reviews Halls, one of the UK's greenhouse manufacturers.

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HALLS - our rating is
One of the oldest established greenhouse manufacturers, Halls have been supplying greenhouses from 1934. So this is a well-established company supplying good quality greenhouses which you can rely on.

All Halls greenhouses are supplied in kit-form and come with a 15 year guarantee for the aluminium frame. They supply a full range of greenhouses, lean-to greenhouses and cold frames. Their smallest greenhouse is 1.31 m wide, 1.93 m long, their largest is 2.57 m wide, 4.46 m long and a whopping 2.45 m high.

All the greenhouses have an optional pre-fabricated base which provides extra height and a rigid base frame. The choices of glass varies according to the model but models typically offer a choice of horticultural glass, toughened glass and polycarbonate.

The website is well designed, but it has two broken links, one of them rather worryingly the 'contact us' page. Halls website also has the AGL logo on some of it's greenhouse pages, but with no explanation. It's not clear if Halls and AGL are the same company or what. It would have been nice to have a reason given - it's always good to be absolutely clear who you are dealing with.

It's not possible to buy direct from Halls and the website offers no list of approved stockists. However, a quick entry of 'halls greenhouse' on Google brings up a good selection of suppliers, Two Wests and Elliott's being one of those reviewed and recommended by GardenAction.

We would have liked to give Halls a 4 star rating (instead we gave it) because their products have stood the test of time. But the lack of a working contact us link on the website and the confusion over who actually manufacturers the greenhouses lets them down and is slightly concerning. If you want to buy a Halls greenhouse, and there are several good reasons to do so, this in not the website to go to for information.

Their contact information is as follows:
Halls Garden Products
PO Box 947
ME20 6WH
Tel: +44 (0)1622 791234
Fax: +44 (0) 1622 791060