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 Garden Photography

Garden photography is a hobby which we can all indulge in now because the subject matter is free and digital cameras allow us to experiment at almost no cost.

We have researched a few pages on the internet looking for unknown photographers who have good pictures of plants, vegetables, fruit or almost anything found in the normal garden. We have of course also included our own GardenAction gallery. Note, that we never claim to be expert photographers, so the other photo galleries may be of higher quality!

Ian LLoyd
An interesting collection of photos with some great ones in the "Natural World" section

Jason Ingram
Jason is Bristol based and has some unusual angles in his garden photography.

Torie Chugg
Torie's garden pictures feature some great close up work. Usefully for us gardeners, the plants in her pictures are named.

GardenAction gallery
Our very own gallery with a few pictures which will be changed monthly.

Martin Mere Birds
This site is well worth exploring with a wide variety of garden photography.

More sites to be added as we come across them.

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Date posted: September 24, 2010 - 06:35 am
Message: i need the full steps and tips on how i can grow fast thanks