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This page reviews FAWT, one of the UK's greenhouse manufacturers.

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FAWT - our rating is

FAWT are a well known name in the octagonal greenhouse market and they have produced a variety of good quality octagonal greenhouses for over 30 years. Roughly 15 years ago FAWT entered the more traditional rectangular shaped greenhouse market.

One key difference with a FAWT greenhouse is that the aluminium is made from a sheet of aluminium rather than extruded aluminium. Why the difference? The key is that greenhouse frames made from extruded aluminium are variable in thickness whereas a sheet metal aluminium is a very consistent thickness. The strength of the frame of a FAWT greenhouse is therefore stronger than normal and these are ideal greenhouses to buy for very windy conditions.

The standard rectangular greenhouse come in sizes from 1.37m (4'6") to 3.28m (10'9"). These greenhouses come with an integral base plus gutters and rainwater kit included in the standard price. FAWT greenhouses may seem a little pricey at first but when the base and guttering is included they offer excellent value for money.

The octagonal greenhouses are attractive, well built to withstand wind and offer the same value for money as the rectangular greenhouses with the base as standard.

Spares and accessories are described on the website, a brochure can be ordered, there is an up to date contact page and a list of suppliers is provided. All in all FAWTs produce an interesting range of greenhouses, especially suitable for windy weather conditions and the website offers considerable reassurance that the quality is high.

Their contact information is as follows:
Lowfield Ltd (FAWT Greenhouses)
17 Merlin Way,
Bowerhill Trading Estate
SN12 6TJ
Tel: 01225 706861 
Fax: 01225 708594
Website: Welcome to FAWT Greenhouse's website