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Why Use Misting Cases?
There are great benefits to using a misting case when propagating many plants. When a cutting is taken from a parent plant, the cutting immediately begins to loose their natural moisture.

New cuttings are capable of taking up moisture through their cut stems but often this is not sufficient to replace the moisture lost through evaporation from the surface of leaves. By applying moisture, in the form of a fine mist, to the surrounding air through the technique of misting, the rapid water loss is halted.

This gives the cuttings more time to establish a root system capable of supporting the whole plant. And that is the compelling case for using a misting case! 

There is only one downside to a misting case, cost. The all in one units, complete with case, misting unit and built in soil warming cables can cost up to £500 although the average cost for a good example from a reputable company costs between £300 to £350. These units are very robust and will last many, many years.

What Type of Misting Case?

The misting case on the left is an excellent example of what is available as an all-in-one unit. Both the soil heat and the humidity can be controlled electronically and the staging is aluminium.

In common with many units of this type their are various sizes available to suit your available space.

Click here if you are interested in this misting and soil warming unit from our recommended suppliers for this type of equipment.


There are two common ways in which the amateur gardener can give plants the benefit of a misting case. The easiest is an all in one unit purchased form the local garden centre or online supplier. The second method is buying some parts separately and constructing your own purpose built unit.

Firstly, the all in one pre-built unit. These come in a variety of sizes and often incorporate soil warming cables (see the navigation bars above and below for more details) which provide an ideal, totally controllable environment for propagation. As a slight diversion (!), these units provide such a perfect environment for your plants, that where you fail you can be guaranteed that it is something to do with your methods of propagation rather than environmental conditions. Beware!

The second method is to buy the parts yourself and construct them into a unit. This may seem a cheaper option but when the prices of the individual units are added up, the all-in-one unit is often cheaper.