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The Kania 2000 Squirrel Trap 

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Article By Pest Control expert Owen W of The GREEN PEST CONTROL Co


A new weapon in the control of Grey Squirrels, about time some say! As most of us know, even though some try to dispute it, the Grey Squirrel has a devastating effect on our song bird population; they eat eggs and fledglings of our native birds such as House Sparrow, Bullfinch and Yellowhammer to name but a few.
These imported vermin must be controlled; I have been using Yorkshire made live squirrel catch traps for years and they work extremely well, however as the name states this is live catch and understandably not all people want to �do the deed� when the Squirrel is captured. When talking about live catch squirrel traps I would like to remind people that some of the imported traps from the Far East are not big enough and it has been known for the trap door to amputate the Squirrels tail, always buy full length traps, and mine are approximately 500mm long any shorter just wont do, in my opinion.
The new trap I am now using is an extremely efficient kill trap, it has to be fixed to a tree or post, I camouflage mine with a green and brown (car spray) paint although this is not necessary, they will get the Squirrel straight out of the box.
Any time of year is an ideal time to trap the Grey Squirrel, in my opinion there is no off season and they should be controlled every day of the year, believe me when you trap 10 squirrels 8 will take there place, did you know that in ideal conditions a Grey Squirrel can live up to 10 years, but normally 5-8 years, they can have 3 litters a year, with up to 5 young each time, normally 2 or 3 young twice a year is the norm.
It was thought they intimidated the native Red into moving but research has shown the Grey has and is spreading a virus called Parapox which kills the Red.

The Kania 2000 can be used on a tree, in a loft, fixed to a wall and in the eaves, care must be taken to ensure that non target species don�t have access to the trap, if above 2 Metres this is not normally a problem, all trapping must be carried out in accordance with The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981)
I bait mine with red skin peanuts but The Grey is so nosy it will enter a trap without bait; I have caught 4 in a day, just re-set and wait for the next one.
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Squirrel Trap Article Written by:
Pest Control expert Owen W of The GREEN PEST CONTROL Co

Owen W.