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How to Divide Rhubarb

How  To Divide Rhubarb
Rhubarb plants should be divided every five years or so. This will give you more plants and at the same time keep them healthy and de-congested. Below we outline the steps involved in dividing a rhubarb plant with helpful  pictures.

Marking a rhubarb plant Some forward planning is required if you want to divide rhubarb. The best time to divide rhubarb is is when the plant is dormant, any time between December and February. At this time of year the foliage will be dead and the location of the plant may be difficult to pinpoint. So mark where the plant is in late summer using canes, stones or whatever you have.

Dig the rhubarb up by using a fork to lever the crown. If the rhubarb is 5 years or more old, this will be difficult and will cause damage to the roots under the crown but that's not a problem.

Use a spade and the pressure of your foot to divide the crown into three. Don't be afraid, be brutal. Each third should have one or more white / pink buds on it. Most large crowns will have lots even if you can't see them.

Divided rhubarb crown

Planting a divided rhubarb crown Dig out a hole slightly larger than the divided rhubarb crown and place the crown in the hole, roots downwards.

The top of the crown should be roughly 2.5cm (1 in) below the surface of the surrounding soil.

Fill in around the rhubarb with soil and firm it down gently with your foot to ensure soil and plant are well in contact.

The soil will more than cover the rhubarb plant so mark where it is with a cane, stones or whatever is available. The rhubarb should appear above soil level in late February or March. Planting a rhubarb crown

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