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Care for Celeriac

Caring for celeriac is a simple matter. The plants grow strongly in most conditions.

When they are first planted outside, water frequently if the conditions are dry. Once they are established, watering should not be necessary unless there is a prolonged drought. Don't feed celeriac, the bulbous roots develop well enough if the initial soil conditions were correct.

Keep the plants weed free, frequent hoeing is the best solution. In July and August you may notice side shoots starting to grow from the side of the now exposed root. Pinch these out as they emerge because they do not contribute to increasing the size of the root.

By early September the roots will be swollen and visible above the ground. Scoop up some soil surrounding the roots and cover the parts which are above ground. This will keep the roots whiter because they will not be exposed to sunlight.

Harvesting Celeriac
Celeriac can be stored after harvest (see below) but the best roots are from plants which have been freshly dug up. Celeriac will be ready for harvest around September time. If your soil is free draining leave them in the ground and harvest as required. A hard frost will damage them but they will withstand a light frost. To protect them from frost a layer of straw or hay laid around the base of the plants will provide some insulation.

If a hard frost does threaten then lift the plants. Cut off the top foliage and store in boxes of slightly damp peat in a cool greenhouse or shed. With the correct treatment you can be eating celeriac up until late March.



Date posted: May 15, 2011 - 06:59 am
Message: We are renting a house and in our vegatable plot we find fromlast year what we believe to be Celeriac. It looks and the leaves taste like it, however its May and its 2 to 3 foot high.

Will this produce builbs or should we have just dug it out when we found it when preparing the vegable plot?

Regrds and thanks for any help recieved.