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Caring for your lawn - Laying Turf / Sod (continued page 3b)

Laying Turf / Sod

Laying a turf / sod new lawn is relatively easy if you follow a few key guidelines.

  • Choose a long straight line as the starting point to lay the turf / sod. Press each piece as closely as possible to the adjoining pieces. 


  • Press the grass into the prepared soil bed to bring it into close contact with the soil below - this will encourage quicker rooting. If you have a roller, use it for this purpose. 

  • Lay the turf / sod in a brick like pattern with no two joins adjacent to each other (see diagram below).

  • Water as you go along - turf / sod should be watered an hour or so after laying otherwise it will dry out. 

  • Do not tread on the prepared soil bed - lay a board on the existing turf/sod and stand on that to lay more turf.

  • Curved areas can be shaped by curling a hose into the required shape and cutting the turf round the outline of the hose.

  • If there are any hollows in the soil bed, even them out by spreading in sifted soil. If there are any mounds, cut them out before the turf / sod is placed in position.