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Caring for your lawn -Seed or Turf or Sprigs? (continued page 3a)

Seed or Turf or Sprigs?

You can create a new lawn from seed, turf / sod or planted sprigs. All three of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Note that sprigs are rarely used nowadays because of the high manual effort required.

You only make this choice once, so be sure to get it right. Let GardenAction guide you through the maize to the correct choice for you.



Low High Middle


It's the cheapest way to get a lawn. 

You can wait until the weather is correct with no worry about the seeds deteriorating

It's the quickest way to get a lawn. Within a month a mature looking lawn is ready for use. 

Turf can be laid in the 'slack' period of the year.  Produces a fine lawn at a moderate cost.

The lawn can be ready to use in 6  months. 


Takes 9 to 12 months before the lawn is fully ready for use.

The seedlings can be killed by birds and/or 'damping off'.

The preparation of the seed bed is time-consuming.

The most expensive way to get a lawn.

Sometimes the quality of the turf is poor with many weeds. Very difficult to get a fine lawn with turf. The least common method, the least 'tried and tested' method. 

Very labor intensive and back-breaking work!


Best time is end of August.

Next best time is April.

Best time is October to February.

Next best time is April.

Best time is end of August.

Next best time is April.


Name: janice
E-mail: Private
Date posted: June 11, 2011 - 05:08 am
Message: My tomato plants seem to be growing well but over the last 4 weeks, the leaves at the bottome of the plant have started to change colour and evenutally shrivle up and rot away - but the top of the plant have remained green. The colour of the leaves begin to turn yellow b4 crispin away - Can you tell me why this would be? This is the 2nd time i have growm tom's and didn't have this problem last year.
Thank you