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Not surprisingly, this climber belongs to the potato family, Solanaceae, and is a native of South America.  The variety, ‘Glasnevin’ has deep blue, scented flowers borne in clusters from summer through until autumn.  The flowers have yellow stamens and are followed by non edible yellow-white fruit.  The white form is known as ‘Album’.

Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’

How to grow Potato Vine

Solanums grow best in full sun, in well drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soils. A potassium rich fertiliser encourages flowering.  The shoots should be tied to trellis or allowed to ramble through existing plants. 
Prune back the flowering shoots in spring to two or three buds from the main stem to maintain a framework.  Remove dead wood.  Cut out the oldest growth every few years.

How to grow Weigela

Solanum jasminoides ‘Album’


Take semi-ripe cuttings through the summer.  They should be about 7cm long, with the heel intact. Plunge the cuttings in small pots filled with a mixture of growing mix and sand and put them in a warm, sunny place.  A dusting of hormone rooting powder on the cut ends speeds things up.  They should root in four weeks and then be planted in individual pots for growing on.
They can be layered easily, by taking a shoot and holding it to the ground with a stone or wire loop.

Latin name
Solanum crispum
Semi evergreen woody climber
How to grow
Plant in sun, in free-draining, neutral to slightly alkali soils,

Semi-ripe cuttings and layering