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MIMULUS - The 'Monkey Flower'

Nicknamed the 'Monkey Flower' or 'Monkey Musk', Mimulus are grown as half-hardy annuals, although some are really perennials or shrubs. 

They like full sun, and moist to well-drained soil. The annual varieties are propagated from seed. Sow the seed under gentle heat in February, planting out in May - using this method you can expect the first flowers in early June. Alternatively, sow them outside in early April, and the flowers will appear in late June.


Recommended Varieties

VIVA F1 - a relatively new variety, it produces a mass of flowers 7cm (3in) wide in a vibrant yellow colour with deep burgundy markings. The plants are both strong-growing and free-flowering. Ideal for bedding  and tubs. They are available from most major seed companies.

Mimulus VIVA F1