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  Hellebore Care and Propagation

Hellebores have a lot to recommend them. Being evergreen, they provide year round interest, and they typically flower in late winter to spring, sometimes even as early as Christmas. Their lantern-like flowers come in beautiful shades of white, green, dusky pink and purple. 

Hellebores are very hardy plants and will survive the worst the  weather can throw at them. More than that, they will grow well in almost all conditions -  and that includes deep shade. 

Hellebores are slightly unusual amongst cultivated plants in so far as some varieties can change their appearance slightly from one year to the next - their basic characteristics remain the same however. 

Most hellebores are easy enough for amateur gardeners, they are a 'must have' in your garden. 

Key Hellebore Facts

Name: Jo
E-mail: Private
Date posted: May 19, 2011 - 06:56 am
Message: Hi

I have collected seeds from my hellebores this week. I also have some in a packet that says to plant them in autumn, so I am wondering what is best with these fresh seeds? Any advice would be most welcome!