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Forsythia Care and Propagation


The forsythia shrub is a very common sight in gardens all over the world and rightly so. Its bright yellow flowers give a splash of colour when few other shrubs are flowering.

The forsythia is a very hardy shrub and will stand almost total neglect. This is a great shrub for the beginner gardener and the expert gardener because given a little attention, a forsythia bush will reward you a thousand times.

They are adaptable to even the smallest or largest garden because they prune so easily.

Key Forsythia Facts

Botanical Name Forsythia x intermedia

Common Name Forsythia

Type Deciduous spring flowering shrub

(after 5 years)
Varies, approximately
2m x 2m
6.5ft x 6.5ft

Position Full sun but tolerates partial shade well

Soil Neutral

Hardy Very

Flower Yellow to orange

Foliage Green

Scent No

Season of
March to late April in the area

Propagate Semi-ripe cuttings in mid July, click here for semi-ripe cutting article.

Forsythia can be grown as a stand alone specimen shrub or as a long-lasting and reasonably dense hedge. In either form it will stand the worst that your children can throw at it.

The picture above is of Forsythia x intermedia Lynwood

Name: Narender kumar
Date posted: July 21, 2011 - 11:55 am
Message: Dear sir,
I am from india & i want to buy some forysythia plant,may you suggest me from where i can buy it easily.

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