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The Wild Food Book by Jane Eastoe from The National Trust

This is a totally independent GardenAction review of the Wild Food Book, written by Jane Eastoe for the National Trust.

An excellent starter book on the food that can be harvested for free from the countryside. It's a small book, small enough to fit into a large pocket.

The book covers many wild food sources. Fruits, nuts, leaves, petals, seafood, mushrooms and even road kill! You won't become self-sufficient overnight by reading this book but it will inspire and inform you sufficiently to take the first steps in looking at the countryside as a free source of food.

At only �6.99 this book gives you the basics of what wild food is freely available to the likes of you and me.

We took it out with us on a walk and were truly surprised at how many plant leaves and berries we could identify with the book's help.

The section on nuts, seeds and roots was particularly fascinating. The number of edible, readily available sources of food which this book identifies is truly staggering.

Whilst very interesting, the sections on fungi and road kill didn't quite convince us that these are safe sources of food for the amateur! But they make an interesting read without doubt. Did you know that if you kill a wild animal with your car it is not legal to take it away? But if another driver kills a wild animal then you are free to take it and cook it.

Returning to the fungi section, it's clear that there are a few out there that can seriously damage your health. But this book gives you the inspiration to take the next step and maybe study the subject in more detail.

At �6.99 this book represents excellent value. It's a great starter on what food sources are available in your back garden. It's pocket sized so it you can take it with you any time you take a walk in the countryside. Many of the plants are illustrated in full colour which helps identification no end. We recommend this book with no hesitation.

Published By: National Trust Books
First Published: 2008
Author: Jane Eastoe
Title: Wild Food
ISBN: 9781905400591
Price: �6.99

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