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The Book "Urban Hen" by Paul Peacock

Keeping hens is an increasing hobby. Not only do hens provide an egg almost every day but keeping them is extremely satisfying. The "Urban Hen" describes everything the novice and the experienced hen keeper would ever need to know.
All subjects are covered in depth and at the same time the book is eminently readable.

You've seen those horrific television programs about battery raised hens. Not only is it abominably cruel to keep an animal in those conditions but the hens are fed a diet of chemicals and antibiotics which would frighten us all.

But keeping your own ensures the hens are happy and the eggs are from a source you know. "The Urban Hen" takes you step by step through everything you will ever need to know about keeping hens. You are warned about the downside of keeping hens as well as the advantages.

The first section of this book will help you decide if keeping hens is suitable for you and your situation. The minimum requirements are discussed in detail as well as how to keep your hens protected from predators. You'll need a hen house and a run, and you'll also need to know where to buy your hens. All this is covered in great detail but also with some humour. Take this quote from the section on hens and children: "There is not much difference between a child and a chicken. Both can be bossy, naughty, messy and noisy"!

Before buying chickens, you 'll need to decide which breed is best suited to your circumstances. Not all hens are the same and "The Urban Hen" takes you through a large selection of breeds, describing their key features. Next you'll need to feed and care for your chicken. The book warns that at first this may seem a large task, but also points out that once a routine is established then it becomes much easier.

The above and lots more is all here. How to kill a chicken humanely right through to how to raise baby birds is all described in easy to understand language.

We thoroughly recommend this book to any one thinking about keeping chickens. It highlights the difficulties and the advantages in very clear terms. And if you do decide to keep chickens then this book has everything you need to feed and care for them.

Published By: Spring Hill
First Published: 2009
Author: Paul Peacock
Title: The Urban Hen
ISBN: 978-1-905862-27-6
Price: �9.99
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