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The Book "The Allotment Experience" by Ruth Binney

First published in 2009, The Allotment Experience is aimed fairly and squarely at those thinking about getting an allotment or who already have one.
This is no bland, factual book, it's more about the practical ups and downs of growing plants on an allotment. Planting, sowing, care and harvest information is all here but it's mingled in with real life advice, hints and tips.

This is Ruth Binney's sixth book and she writes in an easy to read, chatty style which makes this book a delight.

All allotment subjects are covered. An extensive section on choosing an allotment opens this book with lots of practical advice. This is followed by a section on various techniques that are used by allotment holders. Everything from clearing the plot to the use of raised beds and plant protection is covered.

The sections on growing vegetables and fruit cover all the usual plants and many unusual ones are featured in detail.

The book closes with an excellent section on what to do with your crop when its harvested. Eat it is the obvious answer but this book also covers storing, freezing and preserving your produce.

As a source of information for the existing or prospective allotment holder this is an excellent book. However, it stands head and shoulders above many other books on this subject because of its honesty. Crops fail, late frosts strike, pests devour entire crops. All allotment holders know this from their own experience and this book lets you know that you are not alone!

Ruth Binney has interviewed lots of allotment holders and recorded their comments. These are liberally spread throughout her book to give real advice from real allotment holders. Take this comment from one of the interviewees, Ruth Bryant:

These latest slugs would eat anything. They stripped all the foliage from a complete row of potatoes. Not only that, these slugs are not nocturnal. They would start crunching at 4.00 or 5.00 p.m.

That has the ring of truth about it as far I am concerned!

This is an excellent book to keep either at home or in the allotment shed. When you go to plant that row of peas, it will provide you with all he information you need. When you harvest those peas later in the year and find some creepy crawly creatures have tunnelled through them, then don't cry! Read the section on harvesting peas to be assured that others have suffered the same fate. Practical advice on how to stop it happening next time is there in bucket loads.

An excellent book for all allotment holders, which offers practical advice on all aspects of allotment gardening.

Published By: Spring Hill
First Published: 2009
Author: Ruth Binney
Title: The Allotment Experience
ISBN: 978-1-905862-26-9
Price: �10.99
Number of Pages: 226
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