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The Book "On the Plot" by Joe Hashman (aka Dirty Nails)

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The Book "On the Plot" by Joe Hashman (aka Dirty Nails)

"Dirty Nails" has now revealed his true name by publishing "On the Plot". Some of the mystery has disappeared now we know he is Joe Hashman.

The excellent writing style, however, still remains! Practical gardening information is conveyed to the reader in an amusing and chatty manner. The colour photography and excellent selection of recipes ensure it stands out from the crowd.

On the Plot is written by Joe Hashman and was first published in 2009. It follows on from his previous books Grow Your Own Food and a Vegetable Gardener's Year.

"On the Plot" is in two clear sections. The first is a week by week guide through the gardening year. The second section is a collection of vegetable based recipes.

The week by week guide unusually starts with February week one, the true start of most gardeners' year. Each week the "Jobs to Do" covers all the essential vegetable plot tasks. What distinguishes this book though are the chatty aside articles which prove that this author has practical real-life gardening knowledge.

Most of us are amateur gardeners who have their fill of successes and failures in the garden each year. We need a practical gardening book which deals with the reasons for those failures and we need advice from an author who has many years of real gardening experience. Joe Hashman is clearly a gardener of huge day-to-day experience.

How do I know this? By reading Joe's amusing aside on page 129 of the book. One of the most enjoyable of gardening tasks is the simple act of making a bonfire from all the difficult to compost material which inevitably comes from a vegetable garden. Pile it up correctly, in the right place, get it burning nicely and just watch the flames and smoke for a few minutes. Joe Hashman writes about this simple pleasure in a manner which clearly demonstrates he understands the amateur gardener!

"On the Plot" is a mine of information which can be read cover to cover in one go or week by week as the year goes by. If you buy this book you will probably do both. It will inspire the new gardener to get out into the garden and get their nails dirty. It will inform the experienced gardener and keep them amused in the process.

I applied the standard "asparagus test" on this book as I have on many others, to test it for accuracy. The information on growing asparagus was correct and supplied in depth. A very reassuring indicator that this is a well thought out gardening book providing accurate and timely information.

The second section of the book, vegetable recipes, has lots of new and very enjoyable ways of consuming your produce. Clear and concise instructions for delicious soups, appealing salads, less well know recipes and an excellent one for blackberry whisky. That is one recipe which I will definitely be making next year.

This is more than an informational gardening book. The information is clearly there but it is also presented in an amusing and truly inspirational style. Top this off with excellent photography which is practical as well as looking good. This book is a winner, either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one or friend.

Published By: Spring Hill
First Published: 2009
Author: Joe Hashman
Title: On the Plot
ISBN: 978-1-905862-32-0
Price: �12.99
Number of Pages: 204
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