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The Book "Hedgerow and Wildlife" by Jane Eastoe

This is an independent book review of the Hedgerow and Wildlife book, written by Jane Eastoe for the National trust

This pocket-sized book is an excellent companion  when walking trough the countryside. It describes everything the beginner would want know about hedgerows. From their history, shrubs, plants and trees in a hedgerow through to the animals which inhabit them.

It's all written in an easy, flowing style that makes you want get out there and have a look at you nearest hedgerow.

The book describes the fascinating reasons behind hedgerows. In Roman times they used them as obstacles to stop enemies. In the pre-Middle Ages, hedgerows were a rarity because 'common' land was not enclosed. Then with the rise of the landowner, peasants were pushed aside and land was enclosed with hawthorn hedgerows.

During the Great depression of the 1920s, farming fell into decline and so did hedgerow. Come the Second World War, it all changed again. Food was at a premium and land was once again enclosed with hedgerows. After the war, it all changed yet again with new methods of agriculture. Many hedgerows were torn down to allow massive machine to cultivate vast areas of open land.


Finally in 1997, it had gone too far and regulations curtailed the cutting down of hedgerows. All this is described in detail in the Hedgerow and Wildlife book.

It describes the structural plants, the shrubs and and other plants which make up hedgerows. Get out there now with this book in your pocket and you will be able to date most hedgerows, some going back a thousand years.

Last but not least the book covers the wildlife that inhabit the hedgerows. The central part of the book contains full colour line drawings of many plants and wild life in the hedgerow.

At only �6.99 this book represents excellent value. It will fascinate and inform you. This is an excellent book for amateurs.

Published By: National Trust Books
First Published: 2008
Author: Jane Eastoe
Title: Hedgerow and Wildlife
ISBN: 9781905400607
Price: �6.99

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