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The Book "Grow Your Own Groceries" by Linda Gray

There are endless books on how to grow your own veg, fruit and herbs but many stop there. The book Grow Your Own Groceries goes one step further, it describes how to cook your produce, what vitamins and goodness it has and how keep them when they are harvested.

This book is fairly and squarely aimed at the novice to medium experienced gardener who wants to grow veg, fruit and herbs for eating. The more exotic and less used vegetables aren't covered. The likes of jerusalem artichokes are not covered in this book. But then the novice gardener is probably not that interested in them.

But the book covers the commoner veg, fruit and herbs very well. Not only how to grow them but also how to use them in the kitchen. There are several recipes for each of the produce and we liked them because they were very simple to prepare.

In the herb section, folklore is covered in detail for each herb. These nuggets of information have been around for hundreds of years so it's likely they have more than a grain of truth in them.

Healthy eating is the objective of this book and each fruit veg and herb has a section on their possible benefits. All in all, this is an excellent book for the novice gardener who want to start growing their own groceries. At only �9.99 (retail price) it represents good value.

Published By: Spring Hill
First Published: 2009
Author: Linda Gray
Title: Grow Your Own Groceries
ISBN: 978-1-905862-31-3
Price: �9.99
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