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The Book "Compost" by Rachelle Strauss

Putting horse manure on gardens and allotments is frequently recommended but are you absolutely sure that it won't actually damage your veg plot? Many allotment holders each year find plants dying because the farmyard manure they use is tainted with chemicals fed to the animals that produce it. Composting is the answer and this book explains everything about composting.

"Compost" by Green Guides is an extremely informative book written with a distinct sense of humour. Take this quote "If you're out in the garden and need to urinate, then the compost bin is a good place to do it!"

First published in 2009 this really is the only book you would ever need to get composting. The Why, What to, How to Compost are all covered in details. All the many varieties of compost systems are discussed from the humble open compost heap to the expensive, but quick, rotating barrel composters.

"Compost" lists in details all the things you can throw on your compost from nail clippings to grass cuttings. It explains the best proportions of different materials to get the best compost. It also list those items that you might think can be composted but really shouldn't be composted.

There is a very informative section called "The Composting Year". This guides you through the best method of using your valuable compost at the different types of year.

Alternative methods of composting will inform the avid composter and give them new ideas. There are special worms which can be introduced to a compost heap to speed up the process. One method involves a Green Johanna, something I had never heard of. Whatever your composting preference, this book will cover it all.

Finally, if things don't go quite the way you planned then the book has a section on composting problems. This helps you identify what's gone wrong and gives clear and concise on how to matters right.

Overall this is an excellent book, well-written, with humour and easily read. We thoroughly recommend it.

Published By: Flame Tree Publishing
First Published: 2009
Author: Rachelle Strauss
Title: Green Guides "Compost"
ISBN: 978-1-84786-531-1
Price: �8.99
Pages: 256

Currently this book is available at the indicated prices from: (�8.99, hardback) (�8.99 hardback)
The Works Bookshops (High Street) �1.99 (yes, �1.99!) - glossy paperback.

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