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The Book "Garden Centres and Nurseries of Britain" by Country Living Magazine

This will be a short review because, in our opinion, this book has very little to recommend it.
The editor of Country Living Magazine, Susy Smith writes "a must to keep in the car or on the bedside table". Possibly that's true, but leave it in the car or on the table and don't bother to read it!

The book is principally a list of the names and addresses of garden centres and nurseries in alphabetic order within county. You are also provided with their phone number. A few entries list the specialities and a very few have a description accompanying their listing. These descriptions are always complimentary and that makes them hard to believe. Not one single criticism indicates that the descriptions are probably provided by the owners of the garden centre. Certainly, they are of little use.

Almost all the entries give no idea of the size of the garden centre or nursery and they simply list the address and phone number, nothing more. No details of cafes, no details of disabled access, no opening times, nothing! Our recommendation is to forget this book, it serves no useful purpose.

Published By: Travel Publishing Ltd
First Published: 2007
Author: Country Living Magazine
Title: Garden Centres and Nurseries of Britain
EAN: 9781904434658
Price: �11.99

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