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Greatfield Garden Centre, Swindon

Greatfield Garden Centre, Swindon

Entrance to Greatfield Garden Centre
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Greatfield Garden Centre is privately owned and is a traditional garden centre. Read our review for more information on Greatfields.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Greatfield Garden Centre in Swindon. Click any picture to enlarge it.


Much of the outdoor plant area is covered at this garden centre. This is excellent for rainy days and unusual for a medium sized garden centre.

Finding specific plants was somewhat difficult because there was an almost total lack of signs. However, it was a pleasure to browse through a very interesting selections of plants, many of which are not sold at the larger garden centres.

Greatffield do have specialities - plants! Of specific note was the collection of young acers at good prices. The range of lavender and hellebores was particularly good. And all at very competitive prices.



Also under cover was a reasonable range of water garden features. The inside area covered all your gardening needs from tools to plant foods and pesticides.

The indoor area was arranged slightly haphazardly at the time of our visit. At the rear of the shop a large range of garden spares was stocked. This included hard to find greenhouse pares and the like. Very commendable.


Greatfields is a medium garden centre but they have gone to great lengths to offer value for money. One instance of this is the availability of loose plant foods and pet foods at excellent prices. Blood fish and bone at 70p per kilo is astonishing value.

Aside from the excellent value referred to above our shopping basket below indicates that prices in general are on the low side at this garden centre. A typical shopping basket is shown below.

Rose, 3 litre pot �5.49 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla, hebe) �4.99

Clematis �4.99 upwards

Runner Bean seeds (4m) �2.35 (Suttons)

Multipurpose 100l �3.99 (3 for �9.99)

Fish, Blood and Bone, branded, 2.5kg �3.99

Phosphrogen 1 kg �3.99

Tomorite 1 litre �2.99

Wild bird food 3.6kg not found

Medium cup of coffee in cafe n/a


There was a small range of houseplants on offer. The prices were about average and the plants looked in good condition.


On the same site as Greatfields Garden Centre was Walfins garden machinery. They offer a very comprehensive range of garden machinery. Lawnmowers, sit on mowers, strimmers and more. A full range of spare parts is stocked for the range they stock.

Also on site are Swindon Caravans. They have around 150 new and used caravans on site.

They also have an extremely large shop stocking every imaginable accessory and spare part.

Greatfield Garden Centre,
Nr Wooton Bassett,
Swindon SN4 8EQ

Website: Click here

Greatfields is a medium sized garden centre concentrating on plants and providing many garden accessories not available at the larger garden centre. The plants on offer were well-priced and the range was wide and interesting.

They should especially be commended on their efforts to keep costs low, lower than the major gardening chains in the UK. For those reasons and many others, we recommend them highly.