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Leicestershire is one of the more rural counties in England. Situated in the east Midlands it has a good range of garden centres both small and large.

Below we list links to our independent reviews of some of those garden centres. We have visited each one, examined the quality of the plants and even tested out the food in their cafes.

Click on any of the Leicestershire Garden Centres below to read our review of it.

Woodlands Garden Centre
"It's clear, as soon a you go through the front entrance that plenty of help is available if you require it. There is a large and  well-staffed help desk in the main sales area ....." Click here for our two page review
Address: Woodlands Nurseries, Ashby Road, Stapleton, Leicestershire LE9 8JE

The Grange Garden Centre
"The Grange Garden centre really has the gardening business tagged onto a large and up-market restaurant and a shop ......." Click here for our review.
Address: The Grange, Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3QU