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How To Grow Swede

Growing Swedes
Swede is one of the easiest vegetables to grow and is well-suited to the novice gardener. They also crop over a very long time. This is because they can be left in the soil throughout the winter.

Swede is often confused with turnips but they have several advantages over the turnip. Firstly, they crop much later in the season and swede is well capable of withstanding very hard frosts. In addition, the swede is sweeter and milder.

As the name implies, swede originated from Sweden and they are related to the turnip.


Latin Name
Brassica napus napobrassica

Hardy Biennial

Sowing  to Harvest Time
20-24 weeks

How Many?
0.5-1kg (1-21/4 lb) per root

7.5-17.5 cm (3-7 in) in diameter, 12.5-17.5 cm (5-7 in) long

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