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How to Plant Raspberry Canes

How to Plant Raspberry Canes

When and How To Plant Raspberries
October is the best month to plant raspberries, although planting can be done any time up to March if the weather and soil conditions are correct.

Most soils are suitable for raspberries, but a little preparation will pay rewards, especially because they will remain in the same position for 10 to 12 years. Dig a row 30cm (1ft) deep by 1m (3ft) wide, working in as much well rotted compost as possible. Where more than one row is being planted, allow 1.7m (5ft) between rows in order to let the roots spread freely and give room for you to harvest the crop in summer.

picture of raspberry pruning pointsSummer fruiting raspberries (the most common for gardeners) will require support during the growing season. Put the support poles and wires in place after digging, but before planting. Secure two 2.2m (7ft) poles in the ground at either end of the row. Tie two or three horizontal wires at 60cm (2ft) intervals to the poles. Tie the plants loosely to the wires when they begin to grow. 

Place the plants in the trench about 45cm (18in) apart, and cover the roots with soil 5cm (2in) above the existing soil mark on the stem. This will encourage more vigorous rooting. Work a handful of bonemeal per square metre (3ft) into the surface of the soil. Firm down the soil by lightly treading it down and water if the soil is not moist.

Finally, cut the plants to 15cm (6in) from the ground as shown in the diagram above. This may seem a bit drastic but if the correct pruning for the first year is not carried out, the plants will be seriously weakened.

Autumn fruiting raspberries do not require strong supports, and therefore do not need to be planted in rows. Simply devote an area to them and let them grow as they want. The plants will mostly support themselves with only the odd bit of help from some sticks in strategic positions.



Name: tiffani
Date posted: January 12, 2011 - 09:44 pm
Message: i live in phx arizona and my biggest concern with raspberry plants is how much direct sunlight shoutld they be exposed to during our hot summer months