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Fruit tree price comparisons

This fruit tree price comparison is designed to help you select the best bare-root fruit tree when buying online. This is not an easy task because price is not the only factor to be taken into consideration. You also need to consider postage costs, the quality of the tree, the packaging and the age of the tree. So, read the "bare facts" price comparison chart below but also read the entire article.

All the views expressed below are our opinions only and they are based on our investigations during February 2010. We have chosen well known varieties and types of fruit trees based on our own experience. Please check the individual websites to confirm all details.

Before we start the price comparison below, let's make a couple of points very clear. There are some online fruit tree sellers who sell one year old trees, the majority however sell two or possibly three year old trees. One year old trees, for obvious reasons, are cheaper to buy compared to two or three year old trees. But you have to wait a whole year extra for a one year old tree to produce fruit compared to a two year old tree.

For this reason we strongly recommend you buy a two year old tree.

GardenAction also consider the condition of the trees of great importance. We have not come across any company which sends out severely diseased trees so we leave that aspect to your judgement. However we have come across companies which send out fruit trees, in key period November to March, in full growth. That's bad news for you! In November to early March the tree should be dormant without any leaves.

If you receive a fruit tree during the winter which is in full growth than it may be killed if you plant it out that winter and a strong frost (as in 2010) hits the tree. The reason for sending out a fruit tree in full growth during the winter is simple - cost. The tree has been grown in controlled conditions and under cover allowing the selling company to produce trees at a lower cost to them. However, fruit trees should be grown outdoors and only shipped to you when they are dormant.

Do not buy and plant fruit trees in the winter if they are in full growth. OK, that's our "preaching" over for the moment, read the price comparison below.

All prices quoted include VAT. Delivery costs are compared below this chart. Prices below are for bare rooted two year old trees unless stated otherwise.


Type Adams

Ashridge Blackmoor Keepers
Mail Order
Suttons Thompson
& Morgan
Unwins Victoriana

  James Grieve Desert
£8.00 ** see notes £11.50-15.50 £16.95 £15.00 ** £16.99 *** £17.95 * £18.99 * £16.45 * £18.00

  Bramleys seedling Cooking
£8.00 ** see notes £11.50-15.50 £12.95 ** £15.00 ** £16.99 *** £17.95 £18.99 £16.45 * £18.00

  Conference Desert
£11.00 see notes £18.76 £17.50 £15.00 ** £19.99 *** n/a £18.99 £16.95 £18.00

  Stella Desert
£11.00 see notes £18.76 £13.95 ** £27.00 * £19.99 *** n/a £21.99 £21.95 * £18.00

  Morello Cooking
£11.00 see notes £18.76 £18.50 £27.00 * £19.99 *** n/a £21.99 £21.95 £18.00

  Any Peach £11.00 see notes n/a £20.95 ** £21.00 ** £19.99 *** n/a £26.99 £22.95 £19.99

  Victoria Desert
£11.00 see notes £18.76 £18.75 £16.50 ** £19.99 *** n/a £19.99 £16.95 £18.00


- n/a see notes £18.76 £24.50

n/a £21.99 *** n/a £19.99 n/a £18.00

* Variety not available, another common variety used.
** Only available as a maiden ( 2 year olds may be not be available at the time of this survey only).
*** Site does not specifically state how old the trees are but from the site description, they appear to be one year olds.

The price comparisons above, and the notes below, make it almost impossible to select any one company as the best for buying apple trees. There are just too many variables. However, some of the companies can be ruled out as far as we are concerned. Those companies and our reasons are given below.

They are acting only as middle man for a variety of other companies. Simply putting a barrier between you and the supplier.

Too many of the trees are only available as one year olds. As at February 2010 the vast majority of the trees on their stock list are not available. The flat delivery charge of £14 is very high.

Although not specifically described as one year olds, the description of growing methods ( indicates that the trees are one year olds. Paying £20 for a one year old pear tree is far too expensive.

The range of trees is extremely limited and their is nothing on the website which describes the trees' age or height.

There is no description of the age or height of the trees, we have therefore assumed they are one year old trees. The prices therefore are very high. The guarantee is worded in such a manner as to make it worthless. Maybe we have read it incorrectly but it seems to start from the position that any problems with their plants are likely to have been caused by your bad treatment of them. The website is irritatingly slow to use.

Very limited range. There is no description of the age or height of the trees, we have therefore assumed they are one year old trees.

The pricing is extremely good, easily the cheapest trees if the delivery charge is ignored.
The £17.63 delivery charge is truly excessive if you are buying only one or two trees.

A good range of trees and they are well described. They make it quite clear what they are offering and the prices are fair with a discount given for three or more trees.
The downside is the minimum order value of £25, so you need to order at least two trees. Carriage is £12.55 + VAT.

An excellent range of trees and very well described. Pricing is fair and clear when combined with the carriage costs. Website is easy to use and operates at good speed.

Clear and competitive prices, very reasonable carriage costs and the bulk discount starts at only 3 trees making the prices even more competitive. The tree height is stated clearly. Website is easy to use and operates at good speed.

Below are additional notes which may help you decide where to buy your bare-rooted fruit trees online.

Adam's Apples - Minimum £17.25 or 10% value of order if greater. (delivery tab info says £17.25 but it is actually £17.63 on the order form).
Amazon - Varies depending on who is supplying the trees.
Ashridge - £12.55 + VAT
Blackmoor - Flat cost £10
Keepers Nursery - Minimum £14
Mail Order Trees - Flat cost £9.95
Suttons - Flat cost £3.95
Thompson & Morgan - Flat cost £4.45
Unwins - Flat cost £4.75
Victoriana Nursery - Flat cost £7.95

Bulk Discounts
Adam's Apples - 25% on 25 trees (apple and cherries only) or more
Amazon - Varies depending on who is supplying the trees.
Ashridge - Given for 3 and ten trees, varies depending on the variety ordered but is in the range of a 7% discount for 3 to 9 and a 20% discount for 10 or more
Blackmoor - none given
Keepers Nursery - none given
Mail Order Trees - none given
Suttons - none given
Thompson & Morgan - none given
Unwins - None given
Victoriana Nursery - £16.50 for three to four trees, £15.00 for five to ten trees

We assume that bare root trees are also subject to the Sale of Goods Act and that they must be fit for purpose. The extent of the additional guarantees offered by different companies is very diverse and the wording in some cases makes the meaning obscure. For this reason we have extracted the relevant wording fom each of the websites.

"For Bare-root plants sent out in the winter we will guarantee the plants up until the first of July of the same year as delivery. This is providing we are notified before the first of July and the goods have been treated according to our recommendations. We may wish to view the goods. Refund is limited in this case to replacement of the goods in the following bare-root season."

Entirely dependant on which merchant you are sent to.

"If you are unhappy with your purchase please either:
refuse delivery if you are present when the delivery is made
or, if you cannot inspect your plants until later, repack your plants and contact Ashridge Trees within 5 days of delivery so we can arrange collection.
We will also refund their cost in full provided that they are in no worse condition on return to us than at the time of delivery. Once planted, you have expressed your satisfaction with the plants, you recognise they are perishable and that we have no control over the conditions in which you keep them, the ground in which they are planted, the manner in which they are planted or the way in which you tend your trees afterwards. Their health is your sole responsibility from delivery.

Nevertheless, if more than 5% of any barerooted plants (including standards, roses and fruit) that you buy from us die and be reported to us before the end of June following planting, we will replace them free of charge at the start of the next season, if:

You did not suffer from a hosepipe ban.
You send us 2 clear, in-focus photographs (preferably digital to as soon as you think there is a problem. One from a distance to show the planting area, and one close up. We may also ask for a sample plant for analysis.
You meet the cost of carriage for the replacements.
This guarantee in no way affects your legal rights but is subject to plants being planted and looked after in line with the care notes from this website. We have the right to inspect the plants in situ and it is void if they have been removed without our receiving 7 days notice in writing by registered mail.

"We supply the highest quality trees and plants and pack them with great care. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied or damage occurs in transit, please contact us within 2 days of receipt. We will also replace any trees or plants that die in the first spring after they have been supplied as long as we are satisfied that they have been treated and planted properly."

"In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied or damage occurs in transit, please contact us within 7 days of receipt to arrange replacements. We will also replace any trees or plants that die in the first spring after they have been supplied as long as we are satisfied that they have been treated and planted properly."

"In the unlikely event that you take delivery of a plant that is in bad condition when you take it out of the box, contact us immediately. We may then ask you to send us a photograph so that there is no doubt as to it's condition on arrival with you. A deciduous tree or shrub that is delivered in the autumn/winter will have lost it’s leaves and won’t look like the colourful photograph you will have seen on the website! So, please be aware of the seasonal variances. However, provided that you have contacted us within 7 days of receiving a damaged plant we will be happy to arrange for a refund or replacement."

"All Suttons products should reach you in perfect condition, just as they left us. If you are dissatisfied in any way with their condition on arrival, please let us know within 14 days and we'll arrange a replacement or refund. We are only liable for the cost of the goods (plus any carriage charge) as quoted on the website."

"We promise to supply you with vigorous, healthy products in prime condition. We only ask you to plant them according to the growing instructions provided to enable you to get the best possible performance from them. We do understand that when dealing with living plants, occasionally problems may arise despite our mutual best efforts. In these instances we ask you to draw the problems to our attention so that we may help wherever we can. However, if your plants or seedlings do not grow properly due to negligence on your part, while we may share your disappointment, we regret we cannot share your loss. We promise to do our job to the highest standards, and we rely on you to use your best endeavours to achieve the optimum results."

Unwins - "If anything you receive from us is faulty or damaged we will replace it free of charge or fully refund the cost, reimbursing the postage if we have requested its return. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with anything, you can still return it in unused condition within 14 days for a full refund, although in this case return postage costs are not normally reimbursed. In both cases, before returning anything please contact our customer services department."

"All our stock is covered under a seven day guarantee meaning if you are unhappy with your purchase from us simply return it to us within seven days for either replacement or refund. No replacements or refunds are made if stock is not returned in accordance with this undertaking or after stock has been planted unless such stock has been covered under a particular extended growth indemnity."

If you believe any of the information on this page is inaccurate or you wish to make a comment then please contact us by email and we will update this article accordingly.