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Growing Spring Cabbage

Spring Cabbage
Spring cabbage are ideal veg for the amateur gardener because they are easy to grow, suffer from few pests and don't require special treatment.

Picture of Primo spring cabbage
The variety to the left is a Primo cabbage an easy and productive variety.

Sow your Spring Cabbage seed in the summer (see below for exact dates) and they will be ready for harvest the next spring.

If you want tasty spring greens when other vegetables are still developing then simply sow spring cabbage seed closer together. Look in the seed catalogues for varieties that suitable for growing spring greens.


Cabbage Folklore 
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Latin Name
Spring Cabbage:
Brassica oleracea capitata

Site and Soil

Unlike most other cabbages, spring cabbages need some shelter from winter weather. A sunny light site is best.

Plant to Harvest Time
Sowing to harvesting 36 weeks.

8-12 cabbages (depending on variety and the time of harvest) per 3 m (10') row. The size is approximately 22.5-45 cm (9-18") high and 15-60 cm (6-24") wide.

Varieties of Spring Cabbage



Primo Cabbage A well known variety producing solid 'ball head'

Savoy King Outpaces and out yields all other Savoys

Savoy Siberia A highly frost tolerant variety


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